As European leaders for aftermarket (and as original equipment suppliers), our water pumps are hard to beat. In fact, we often improve on the standards of other original products, and we have even developed our own patented products. Today we cover the entire European, American and Asian car parc, with approximately 1,000 items. In almost all cases the body is an aluminium alloy, in some cases cast iron. Bearings can be ball-ball or roller-ball according to their type of use. Impellers come in sheet metal or stainless steel, brass, cast-iron, or the most modern techno-polymers. Mechanical seals are produced with advanced materials such as silicon carbide. Pulleys are sintered, sheet metal or cast iron – in shapes that withstand high belt tensions.


With the constant technologies evolution, more and more cars are fitted with auxiliary water pumps used for various purposes:

• to support the heating of the passenger compartment in vehicles fitted with a Start/Stop system

• to cool the batteries in electric/ hybrid vehicles

• to cool the turbo charger

• to cool the gear box

The technology of these pumps differs greatly from that of primary water pumps in terms of weight, size, material and with regards the electronic components they contain as lately auxiliary pumps are being mounted on every type of car, whatever the fuelling type of engine capacity.

Certain vehicles are fitted with more than one pump for the different types of system supported, and the maintenance schedule of auxiliary electric pumps is similar to that for traditional mechanical ones.


Including timing belt, water pump and tensioners, this kit makes life easier for the mechanic to identify the components needed for a replacement. Just one kit code is necessary for all three parts. In keeping with the quality and the constantly high standards attained, Metelli, Graf and KWP brand timing belt kits with water pump are guaranteed by the Metelli Group for 5 years.


Our timing belt kit without water pump consist of tensioners and idler pulleys produced by Metelli, with premium belts from premium suppliers. The ever-evolving range has more than 400 references and guarantees approximately 90% coverage of the European car parc. Each piece is carefully analysed and tested using computer simulations, according to the same quality and safety criteria of the OE manufacturers. We also subject our components to real-life stress tests on the road.