More than fifty years ago the Metelli Group was just a mechanical engineering workshop. Today we manufacture over 13,000 parts that are distributed across 90 countries. We make brakes and hydraulic parts, water pumps, transmission and engine parts with the meticulous quality that northern Italy is famous for. Maybe it's because we're Italian or because we're born with a passion for the automotive world. Who knows? All that really matters is the quality of our parts. And that's something we never forget.


We really do make our own parts, now under 6 different brands. That puts us in charge of the supply chain so that we can ensure and monitor the safety and reliability of every part we produce. This means you can rely on us to supply the parts and you can put your trust in every part that comes from us.


We are proud to say that 90% of our business is driven by the professional after market. And we continue to supply parts to the OEM market. We offer a rapid service worldwide and we always try to respect the local distribution chain wherever we go.


As after-market specialists we're good at looking beyond our noses. This has helped us to grow in a sustainable way. For example, we invest heavily in both R&D and the technology needed for advanced production processes. As we design many products we also have a number of patents. We offer first-class technical support and we have customer managers dedicated to each of our product areas. So we hope to continue solving problems no what the future has in store.


August 1, 1962 was Metelli's birthday. By 1970 the company had gone from mechanical engineering workshop to manufacture of engine parts. And by 1975 the range included parts for hydraulic brakes and clutches. A production line for constant velocity joints was installed in 1991. Eight years later this was expanded to include driveshafts. Meanwhile, in 1996 Metelli had merged with Cifam, was established to manufacture brake and hydraulic clutch parts. In July 2001, Metelli Group acquired 100% of GRAF Co., a well-known manufacturer of water pumps and brake discs for the car industry. To complete the brake range, production of brake pads and brake shoes were added in 2008 and 2010. In 2015 Metelli Group acquired two more important brake part manufacturers. Together with Trusting and We are approaching the present where, in 2017, the acquisition of Bugatti Autoricambi S.p.A. takes place and in 2020, the acquisition of 100% of the aluminum die casting foundry Sol.Id.


We export our products to over 90 countries throughout the world, covering the five continents, Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania. This makes us a highly capable manufacturer, and enables us to cater to the needs of different markets while maintaining the integrity and reliability that has always set us apart. Our customer base is mixed, from the independent aftermarket (I.A.M.), to original equipment services (OES), and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).