Brake parts



With approximately 1,400 items, our range covers the entire European, American and Asian car parc. The brake discs are made in cast iron with varying percentages of carbon according to the performance needed by the vehicle. We have solid discs and selfventilated discs, and a wide range of coated brake discs to keep them looking good. To coat the brake discs we use ALUTHERM® 80 or DSP® paint. The first leads to a lower environmental impact compared to solvent-based paints – and higher corrosion resistance. The DSP® paint makes the disc ready to use, so there’s no need to degrease them before mounting. And every one is ECE R90 certified.


Depending on the specifications, our brake pads are made with compounds of different composite materials. We are currently launching our very own compound, HybriX® – a new and patented technology which sets a new benchmark in the field. Brake pads made with the HybriX® compound have an unmatched combination of performance and comfort. Of course, they’re certified according to ECE R90, and as an added bonus they’re copper-free.


Like our discs, our brake drums are manufactured in machined cast iron. Accurate workmanship of all the elements ensures perfect coupling between the drum and the shoes – and excellent braking performance.


Our constantly updated range of brake shoe products consists of more than 700 items – and like all our safety-critical parts, every one is certified ECE R 90. Every brake shoe is made with meticulous attention to detail from high quality raw materials.


With more than 430 brake kits, we have the most extensive range on the market. With all the components pre-mounted, our brake kit allows you to replace every component which can become worn – making assembly easier, faster and safer. Also, to make life quicker and easier when ordering, we have pre-mounted (self adjusting) Brake Shoe Kits, Reduced Fast Kits (without cylinders), and Repair Kits with wheel cylinders.


The Competition department by Fri.Tech. R&D, in cooperation with Racing Teams and Tuning Companies, have developed new friction materials for high performance: R60 and R80. They are asbestos-free materials made by mixture of fibres and specific raw materials (f.e., carbon and ceramic materials), developed and produced with modern technology to meet the increasing demand of racers and sportsmen. The experience gained along many years, turns now into a wide range of high performance brake pads that Fri.Tech. Competition offers to those who want to be protagonists in the racing world.


Apart from a full range for aftermarket, we supply original equipment braking systems and brake parts for other brake manufacturers. This includes wheel cylinders, brake master cylinders, pressure regulating valves, slave and master cylinders for clutches and more. All these are produced in different quality materials including cast iron, aluminium and plastic.